ADU - Additional Display Unit.

A vehicle add-on display device that uses an ELM327 Bluetooth adapter to communicate with the vehicle's ECU to display vehicle speed, RPM, water temperature ...... , as well as dispaly interior temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, pitch (gradient) and roll angle, GPS information, and other data.

Supported OBD Adapters

  • Vgate iCar2, iCar3, iCar Pro series adapters with BT3.0 or BLE capability (iCar Pro BLE & iCar Pro 2S recommended)

  • Vgate vLinker FD/BM/MC series adapters with BT3.0 or BLE capability (not tested, but should be supported)

  • Normal adapter with Bluetooth for Master 25K80 v1.5 (only KINGBOLEN recommended)

  • Other OBD Bluetooth adapters not tested yet

Vgate vLinker FS/MS series Bluetooth adapters connection names seem to have numerical suffixes and are different, non-fixed, therefore may not easy to use.

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